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Game N Hang Community Gaming

We are a new Gaming Community that prides ourselves on being one of the best Gaming Communities available, with currently three different gaming systems to choose from (both PC and console) and any multiplayer game from 2013 on!  If you’re a gamer, you’ll definitely find a multitude of other gamers with the same interests to group up with, no matter how you choose to game.

GAMEnHANG also will sweeten the deal with additional benefits (varies based on game) as well as contests, tournaments, and giveaway’s (setup in progress) where you can get awesome gaming and non-gaming based prizes.  It is our goal to accommodate all of our members so if you like to game, we welcome you to join our growing gaming community.

With a growing selection of game genres varying from MMO’s, sport’s, fighting, RPG’s, action, etc, you will be able to jump onto some of the hottest game titles with a large supportive group of like minded individuals as new titles are released.  With each new game comes new content, benefits, and leadership opportunities where members will have the ability to earn officer ranks for a game of their choosing to help manage the day to day activities of that group.  If you notice that a newly released title is not on our list, feel free to send us a message so we can get it added.  Also, if you are interested in our officer programs (currently being set up), make sure to keep up with our website to apply.

There are also several benefits associated to being a member of GAMEnHANG that apply to any game that you decide to play.  While there are general benefits, such as having a great website to find other quality gamers and events to attend, GAMEnHANG also provides specific in game benefits on a per game basis (these vary based on game mechanics).  We also strive to keep our members informed of future GAMEnHANG updates as well as updates on new gaming titles that we plan to add to our ever growing list.  Check out our full list of benefits here.

It is also very important to us that our members show respect and follow our simple guidelines to ensure that the best possible gaming experience can be provided for all members.  Here at GAMEnHANG we realize that it can sometimes be difficult to find other quality gamers, and from time to time these players will slip through the cracks, but we will try to ensure that our respected members do not have to worry about them.  Feel free to stop by our full list of GAME n HANG guidelines to get a good idea of what is expected of our members.

We are always trying to add more innovative content for our members, including new benefits, website features, events, game titles, and giveaways.  GAMEnHANG works around the clock to come up with ideas for our gaming community members, and we encourage everyone to let your voice be heard!  Simply send us a quick message on our contact page to let us know what you think would be a great addition to our growing community.  You can also keep yourself informed of everything new to GAMEnHANG on our blog.

For those of you who are interested in YouTube and Live Streaming, we also offer benefits to help you get your gaming channel off the ground, including several members who have knowledge of the setup process, and will help share your channel to the gaming community.  Our community media pages give you the ability to add your channel to our website so all GAMEnHANG members can see your content!  Feel free to contact us for more information.


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